Izabela Krzak-Borkowska, English teacher, bilingual teacher, academic teacher, translator and ICT trainer with 16 years of experience, specialises in direct methods and methodology of bilingual teaching, graduated from Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce and Polonia Academy in Częstochowa. She currently works as a high school English teacher and is the head of the Pedagogical Information and Foreign Language Workshop at the Świętokrzyskie Centre for Teacher Training. She has been an eTwinning ambassador and trainer for many years. She is the author of teaching materials on English language teaching, CLIL methodology and the use of ICT tools in the work of trainers. Likes challenges and appreciates working with people who are ready for change. For years, I have been responsible for the implementation of projects with an international component. Specialises in bilingual teaching methodology. Open to change and challenges.

Świętokrzyskie Centrum Doskonalenia Nauczycieli w Kielcach

Email: izabela.krzak@scdn.pl

Sotiris Pafitis, Director at the School of Certified Professionals, partner in the EU Erasmus project CHOPINVR. With a strong technical background in ICT, his expertise extends to vocational training and innovative technologies. He is adept in implementing VR, AR, AI, drones, machine learning, and web development, showcasing a versatile approach to educational projects. His involvement in various Erasmus projects underlines his commitment to advancing learning through cutting-edge technological applications, ensuring students gain valuable, future-ready skills.

SCP – School of certified professionals 

Email: sotiris@scp.ac.cy