Local workshops for teachers in rural areas – Szkoła Podstawowa im. Kościuszki w Nizinach; 

9th January 2023 –


Is virtual and augmented reality the new way of discovering the world? Can we use VR and AR to develop key competencies in students? Regardless of where you live and study, do you have the chance to explore the reality around you? Step by step, we begin our journey to virtual bilingualism



Development of the article: author: A. Trawka, I. Krzak-Borkowska, E. Witczyńska, Close encounters in virtual reality – published in: Informatics in education, IT education – challenges of the modern world, edited by A.B. Kwiatkowska, M.M. Sysko  

Congress Świętokrzyskie Bilingual Preschoolers 03.2023 r. 

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On 22 March 2023, a conference inaugurating the second edition of the Świętokrzyskie Bilingual Pre-schoolers project took place at the headquarters of Geonatura in Kielce. The first part of the event included a summary of the first edition of the project by coordinator Izabela Krzak – Borkowska. Twenty kindergartens from the Świętokrzyskie voivodeship qualified for the next edition, including the pre-school point in Huta Podłysica and Porąbki. Participants received certificates and received substantive and material support. The project aims to promote bilingualism from an early age. We are very pleased to have the opportunity to participate in the project and support our pupils in acquiring new language skills.

One of the highlights of the meeting was the presentation of the assumptions of the Project “CHOPIN – Language Learning in Schools: Preferentially through immersion and bilingualism’. The abundance of questions and the great interest of teachers in this initiative confirms how important such projects are from an educational point of view.



Online conference – The Headteacher’s Cabinet. Principal at the start of the school year 2023/202424

On 6 September 2023, the Swietokrzyskie Centrum Doskonalenia Nauczycieli (Swietokrzyskie Centre for Teacher Training) in Kielce held a very inspiring online conference – The School Headmaster’s Office. Principal at the start of the school year 23/24, during which Izabela Krzak-Borkowska and Ewa Wilczyńska, consultants from the Świętokrzyskie Centrum Doskonalenia Nauczycieli in Kielce, presented the ideas and activities of the Chopin Project. More than 100 headmasters and teachers from the Świętokrzyskie Province gathered in front of the monitors, which testifies to the great interest in this innovative project.

23rd October 2023. – IV Świętokrzyski Congress of Biilingualism

We are pleased to announce the successful conclusion of an event promoting the achievements of the CHOPIN project – ‘language learning in sCHools: Preferably Immersive and billiNgual’. The conference was organised at the Geoeducation Centre Geonatura Kielce. It was attended by nearly 100 teachers and school principals from the Świętokrzyskie region and other parts of Poland. The event was full of exchanging knowledge, experiences and inspiring moments.

During the conference, we presented the main objectives of the project and gave a sample lesson scenario based on the history of the European Union. The introduction of VR technology will allow students to learn about the history of the EU in a more in-depth and interactive way, making learning even more attractive and effective. In addition, we presented a mobile application using VR technology, correlated with the lesson scenarios created within the project, dedicated to students at different educational levels.

As a culmination of the conference, we invited teachers to the International Training Workshop in November.

We would like to thank all participants for their commitment. We believe that the ideas we will implement together will bring revolutionary changes in language education!

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