Training of employees of the ŚCDN in Kielce responsible for developing bilingual scenarios with the CLIL methodology and with the use of Oculus goggles, and familiarising authors of the scenarios with the methodology of bilingual lessons – discussion of the scheme of creating scenarios, their dissemination – CLILstore. 

Training of the project team in the context of developing bilingual scenarios! was held on 10.01.2023. lots of ideas, questions and innovative solutions emerge, how to combine language learning with VR?

Is it possible to touch a star with your hand? Yes…Will dancing with an ephemeral, pink creature send shivers down a person’s spine? Yes! Can the magical Oculus glasses you just wore on your face make you feel like you are exploring the Cosmos and the Universe is at your fingertips? Yes!

A fascinating, sensory, educational expedition was experienced yesterday by a group of ŚCDN teachers and consultants involved in the Chopin Project, who were learning about and exploring the educational possibilities of Oculus glasses.

Technology at the service of education? Yes! Certainly, with Oculus, the world of learning will be opened up to students. 100% certain satisfaction for teacher and student.

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International working meeting of the project group in Limassol – Cyprus:

SCP Schol of Certified Professionals

On February 24th, we had the pleasure of hosting our first Transnational Project Meeting (TPM1) in Cyprus for our ongoing project. The event marked an important milestone in our collaboration and provided an opportunity for productive discussions and exchange of ideas.

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our Polish partners for their valuable contributions and active engagement during the meeting. Their insights and expertise have been instrumental in shaping the direction of the project, and we look forward to continuing our fruitful partnership as we work together towards our shared objectives.

As we move forward, we are confident that our collective efforts will yield significant progress in the project, leading to meaningful outcomes and lasting impact.

From CLIL methodology, through TPAK(Technology Context Pedagogy)and Bloom’s taxonomy to bilingual teaching. Similarities and differences. An extremely warm welcome and lecture by the @School of Certifieed Proffessionals

Organisation of international training workshops for teachers at various educational stages 

On 8 – 10 November 2023, a three-day workshop was organised at the Świętokrzyskie Teacher Training Centre in Kielce as part of the international project ‘CHOPIN – Language Learning in Schools: Preferentially through immersion and bilingualism’. The event was co-organised with a partner from Cyprus, C.P. SERV LIMITED from Limassol.

During the meeting, a workshop entitled ‘Project CHOPIN. The harmony of technology and education – an innovative dimension of teaching in classes I-III and IV-VIII of primary schools” gave participants the opportunity to learn about practical applications of virtual reality (VR) in the context of bilingual teaching. The educational sessions for teachers were conducted in competence duos: trainers from C.P. SERV LIMITED worked together with consultants from the SCDN. The workshop combined theoretical foundations with the practical use of VR technology, which provided a unique opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience on an international scale.

As part of the meeting, consultants from the Świętokrzyskie In Service Teachers’ Training Centre introduced teachers to newly developed educational materials, including innovative lesson plans. They followed the immersion method and were based on the concept of bilingual education, and were adapted to different teaching levels, from early childhood education, for classes IV-VIII, to secondary school. Using the CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) method, the age-appropriate scenarios cover the history and culture of the EU Member States. Virtual reality experiences, available through an application for Oculus devices, were tested by students of the Mikołaj Rej Social School Complex in Kielce and teachers participating in the workshop.

Nearly a hundred teachers from the Świętokrzyskie region took part in the CHOPIN project, demonstrating its broad interest and importance.

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Description of activities of the ZSS im. M. Reja w Kielcach in the framework of the project CHOPIN – language learning in sCHools: Preferably Immersive and bilingual 

Duration: February 2023 – December 2023

CHOPIN – language learning in sCHools: Preferably Immersive and bilingual Implementation period: from February 2023 to December 2023

As a distinguished participant in the CHOPIN project, our school has taken significant strides in incorporating Virtual Reality (VR) technology to enrich the educational experience. Here’s a detailed update on our recent initiatives:

  • Equipment Preparation:

In alignment with the CHOPIN project goals, we meticulously prepared five sets of VR Oculus Quest for educational use, emphasizing their potential to transform traditional learning methods.

  • Grade 8 Pupil Workshops (June 2023):

The deployment of Oculus Quest goggles enabled us to conduct immersive workshops for 10-person groups of Grade 8 pupils.

Throughout June 2023, we facilitated training sessions to acquaint students with the functionalities of the VR goggles.

The response from the young participants was overwhelmingly positive, showcasing a keen interest in the immersive learning experiences provided.

  • Class 6a Application Testing under Ms. Martyna Pacia’s Supervision:

Under the skilled guidance of Ms. Martyna Pacia, students from Class 6a actively participated in workshops designed to test applications developed within the CHOPIN project.

This hands-on experience allowed the students to recognize the potential of VR goggles not only as gaming gadgets but as valuable tools for facilitating effective and engaging learning experiences.

  • Teacher Training Session (2.12.2023):

On December 2, 2023, we organized a comprehensive training session specifically for a group of 15 teachers responsible for teaching grades 7 and 8.

The focus was on the utilization of the advanced VR Goggles, Oculus Quest 2, and the integration of project-developed applications aligned with their respective subjects.

Teachers had the opportunity to test the VR goggles’ operation and explore educational applications, sparking discussions on innovative teaching methodologies.

  • Feedback and Recommendations:

Both teachers and students provided positive feedback, unanimously recommending the integration of VR goggles into educational classes.

The consensus is that VR technology significantly enriches the learning process by engaging multiple senses, offering a dynamic approach to problem-solving tasks.

  • Future Direction:

Recognizing the transformative potential of VR in education, we are committed to continued exploration and utilization of VR technology.

Acknowledging the identified need for a broader base of educational applications, we are actively seeking ways to enhance our workshops through the incorporation of innovative technologies.

This comprehensive update underscores our dedication to the CHOPIN project’s objectives and our ongoing commitment to providing a cutting-edge and immersive educational experience for both students and educators.

Advertising the Project in the local press

Advertising the Project in the local press: On the local daily Echo Dnia published an interview with the Director of the Świętokrzyskie Teacher Training Centre in Kielce, Ms Małgorzata Łakomiec, in which, among other things, the assumptions of the Chopin Project – Language Learning in Schools: Preferentially through immersion and bilingualism”.

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